Child Therapist in Long Beach gives ideas on how to discipline your child when time outs don’t work anymore

Sometimes when your kids get older, time outs just don’t work anymore.  Here is another idea to how to ground your child.

Tips: Don’t give a consequence until you have calmed down.  If you give a huge consequence and later feel that it is too harsh and then take it back or reduce it, then your child learns that they can manipulate their consequence.  Often when you say “I will give you your consequence when I calm down”, it not only teaches your child about calming down before communication, but it also teaches them that you want to be fair.

Click here for a Microsoft Word version of the below info (feel free to change consequences to be age appropriate for your child)

Examples of “points” the kids have to earn:  250 points for talking back, 250 points for not listening, 750 points for hitting someone.   You can reduce or increase the “points” depending on the circumstance and how big of a problem this is for your child.






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