Does Being In Therapy Mean That I Need Medication?

No! Therapy can help a number of issues which medication cannot help (communication issues and trust within your relationship, for example). There are many issues that can be dealt with by going to therapy or taking medication, or deciding that a combination would be most effective. For the most part, it is between you and your doctor what medications might or might not help and to determine if side effects are worth the possible advantages of medication. A therapist cannot prescribe medication (unless they are a psychiatrist or M.D. who also does therapy). A therapist can only encourage you to see a doctor if an issue can be affected by medical causes. There are some issues (such as depression and anxiety) that medication is very effective, especially combining them with therapy. Again, this is YOUR decision.

It is always YOUR choice whether or not you utilize medication or not. This should not impact your relationship with your therapist in any way. Sometimes when therapy seems to be going nowhere, medication can help the medical side of things so that you can work on the emotional side of things in therapy. This is not always the case. Because of possible benefits, most therapists will encourage their clients to at least consult with a doctor at some point.
The short answer: Yes, medication can be helpful in many cases. BUT many people do work through a variety of issues without ever using medication.


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