How Do I Get My Kids To Talk To Me?


Here is a feelings chart that I often use with kids to start talking about feelings.  You can incorporate it into a game and ask them to tell a time they felt that feeling.  On your turn, you will do the same.  Make sure you don’t tell them about the time you wanted to punch your boss in the face, keep it age appropriate.  After they get used to talking about the feelings and understand what each feeling is, ask them “what would make you feel better if you were feeling that way” (if it’s a negative feeling) and “what types of things make you feel that way” (if it is a positive feeling).

Samples of how to incorporate the feelings chart into games:

Jenga: Every time you have a turn, talk about a feeling

Uno: Every time you put down a draw 4 or draw 2, talk about the feeling

Go-Fish: Every time you get a match, talk about the feeling


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