Online Therapy

Online Therapy is a service I recently added, and is a result of innovations in technology matched with current needs of my clients. Now you can have the same benefits of live sessions from the comfort of your own home.

Note: Live office visits are still available if you live in or around Long Beach. However, if you don’t want to drive or if you live far from Long Beach and would like to work with me, then online therapy is available for you!

Listed Below Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Therapy. Read On Below To Find Out If This Is Right For You!


Advantages Of Online Therapy:

red_arrow_writtenYou can focus on finding a qualified therapist you feel comfortable with and not worry about distance

red_arrow_writtenYou don’t have to worry about scheduling a time where you can avoid traffic. Sessions are done live…from the comfort of your home!

red_arrow_writtenYou never have to look for parking

red_arrow_writtenYou can participate in “face to face” therapy from the comfort of your own home

red_arrow_writtenPeople can get around the discomfort of walking into a therapy office

red_arrow_writtenExperience more freedom with scheduling your appointments


Disadvantages Of Online Therapy:

blue_check_smOne risk that exists in performing therapy services over the Internet is that confidentiality may be compromised. The privacy of communications over the Internet (e-mail) is less assured, at least today, than when providing live (person to person) therapy, or even services via the telephone. Online risks to confidentiality may occur at various points. For example, one needs to know whether or not others at the client’s location have access to the communications. For instance, if the client/patient is communicating with the therapist from work or home, the employer or spouse/partner may have the right or ability to access e-mail communications.

blue_check_smThe ability of others to gain access to communications between the therapist and client during the e-mail or online transmission must also be considered. While encryption may help, it is not yet foolproof.

blue_check_smOnline therapy may not be covered by one’s insurance

Here’s What You Will Need

Internet Connection
Skype, Or Yahoo Instant Messenger
Webcam (optional)
A nice quiet space where we can conduct our session uninterrupted.

If you are interested in an online therapy session, then fill out the form on the sidebar or give me a call if you prefer! Together we can determine the best time for us to proceed with your session.

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