What If My Partner Won’t Go to Therapy With Me?

My marriage is falling apart but my partner refuses to go to therapy, what do I do?

Even if your partner is not yet ready to go to therapy, you can still attend on your own.  Several things can happen in your own therapy.

First, you might learn communication skills that help reduce the frustration, anger, trust issues and/or disconnection in your relationship.  Perhaps if you begin therapy on your own, you partner will see that therapy is helping and might work for them too.

Second, you can talk in therapy about what you want.  Perhaps you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is not willing to do everything it takes (including therapy) to make it work.  Perhaps you want to learn how to change your expectations and be okay with your partner who doesn’t have the same motivation as you do to improve your relationship.

Third, You can learn and grow individually, which ends up for many people being a “win-win” situation.  If you continue in this relationship you have learned things about yourself, what you want, and how to communicate to your partner what you need.  If you end up breaking up, you now have skills to take to your next relationship.


If you are looking for individual therapy or couples therapy in Long Beach, please give me a call to ask me a question or to set up an appointment.

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