How To Improve My Relationship (In 30 Days)

I have put together a “30 Day Relationship Challenge” in response to requests I hear from couples who come in for therapy who want simple ideas to put the passion back in their relationship.  The purpose of the challenge is to help couples become closer and learn how to maintain closeness throughout their relationship.  I hear time and time again from my clients how difficult it is to keep the connection going after being together a long time and after having children and losing the relationship identity. I have developed a free program to help couples with this ongoing challenge.

When a relationship is new, it is easier to be motivated to spend time together when things are still fun and new while you learn about each other.  What about a year, two years, ten years or fifty years into a relationship?  The newness is gone and both of you might have more pressing things to do with your time.  For most of us, it is easy to put our relationship on the backburner because we feel that it will be there in a week or a month when we have time.  But as that week and month and year pass, new things become pressing and your relationship continues to take a back seat.  While you start growing apart, it is easier and easier to not focus on your relationship until the point that the only reason you are together is because you love the other person or it is what you are used to.

I’m asking you to make a choice to change this pattern, for 30 days, and see how it feels.  See if by giving your relationship the time and effort it deserves if those other priorities don’t end up taking the backburner.  Or perhaps you become happy, which creates positive energy in your life, which allows you to be motivated to do both. It’s kind of like when people say they don’t exercise because they don’t have time.  Then, when they decide to get up an hour earlier to exercise, suddenly they feel better and actually get more done and have more energy.   Happiness can do a lot for a person.  Creating happiness back into your relationship might very well give you the energy you need to do other things in your life, because you have a partner to help and get help from.  Life’s challenges seem a little more possible when you have a partner backing you.   So, I challenge you to participate in my 30 Day Relationship Challenge.  Its free, it doesn’t take a lot of time, you aren’t required to sign up for any sessions, so what is your excuse?  If you still find yourself making excuses, give me a call to get a free consultation so we can examine what is getting in your way of being happy.  If you are angry at your partner, disconnected from them, or see that they aren’t trying either, I ask you to put those feelings on hold for 30 days while you attempt to make things different.

What can 30 days do for your relationship?


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