What is concierge therapy?

Going to visit a doctor or therapist at their office can be a less than pleasant experience for a number of different reasons. For many people, the simple act of going to the office can be one that brings about feelings of stress and anxiety, while for others, the waiting room is the place that adds to their frustration. They might be sitting in a waiting room with other clients who are waiting for a different therapist, or they might fear running into someone they know in front of the building and having to explain why they are there. Another issue many people have is the time it takes. Therapy tends to be a weekly activity, so taking time off work to drive to the therapy office, park and wait for the appointment can be taxing.
So what exactly is concierge therapy, and how does it differ from the therapy sessions that you may be taking part in today? There are actually a number of differences, the vast majority of which address the issues we discussed earlier in this piece. A concierge therapist only takes on as many patients as they can manage at a time. That allows them to better prepare their time, and make sure that you get all the time and attention that you need to help you deal with your specific problems. This also allows your therapist to help with case management type activities that a regular therapist might not do. This could include calling a psychiatrist with you so you can set up an appointment, or calling your child’s school on your behalf to help come up with solutions for behavior issues.
In terms of your own time management, you do not necessarily have to go to the office of the therapist for treatment, as there are several different ways that they can “see” you. One method of communication is over the internet via Skype, and another will see the therapist come to your house for as many sessions as you need. The latter option is one that is actually beneficial to both you and the therapist, as it allows them to see the conditions in which you live. This may allow your therapist to build a more detailed picture of what is going on in your life. Often, people are so used to their living environment, they don’t even think to mention something to their therapist that could be very important. When a therapist comes to your home, they can do a much more thorough assessment of the situation and can often come up with a much more personalized plan to get you the success you are looking for.
I have mentioned time on several different occasions during this piece, and that is because it is so important when it comes to quality treatment. There are times when you may be in a session with a therapist, and will have come to something of a breakthrough moment in your treatment. If that a-ha moment comes at the end of your session, you may have to wait until the next visit to continue the thought, which is never easy to do. With concierge therapy, the therapist has the flexibility of time to continue your session so that your breakthrough moment can be discussed in greater detail.
It is also generally easier to contact a concierge therapist than it would be someone bound by the hands of time. They tend to be more open to being contacted outside of your appointment hours, which can be a lifesaver if you are having a particularly bad time with the issue that is ailing you. Finding a concierge therapist is still not particularly easy, as this is a concept that is still pretty much in it’s infancy. The patients who have been lucky enough to avail themselves of the service are now getting the help they need at the very moment they need it most. If you are looking for a concierge therapist in Rossmoor, Long Beach, Lakewood or surrounding areas, please give me a call. Concierge therapy is not covered by insurance companies, so please keep this in mind when you are deciding if this is the right type of therapy for you.

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