Client Corner

I am a mental health therapist in Long Beach who works with individuals, couples and families.  This page is intended for my current clients as a supplement to therapy at my office in Long Beach.  Anyone is welcome to use these links; If you have questions about how to use these tools, feel free to call me or email me.


Click here for muscle relaxation audio (below):

Click here for guided imagery audio (below):

Click here for a visualization exercise to restore your positive energy:  visualization



Follow up For Clients From Information Given in Session (click on links below):

 Information on “I Statements”

Rules For Positive Communication

How To Say Things In A Way Your Partner Can Hear You

30 Day Relationship Challenge

Am I An Alcoholic


Follow up For KIDS From Information Given in Session (click on links below):

Feelings Chart

Techniques to Calm Down (including HOW TO take deep breaths)

Behavior Charting SCHOOL- Sample Behavior Chart For School (you can change the target behavior in the first column)

Color coded behavior chart for home or school

How to ground your child

Teaching kids to say sorry the right way



Resources for Transgender Clients (click on links below):

Helpful books for transgender people and parents of transgender people

Gender Diversity Center at UC Irvine (pediatricians, general support, transition medication (hormones),  referrals)

Gender Bread Person. A Great Way To Explain Gender Identity

Gender Non-Conforming Camp for kids who do not adhere to societies stereotypical gender roles

Sample Top Surgery Form that Doctor’s Require From Your Therapist

DMV Name Change form for people changing their gender identity on their DMV issued license (FORM)

Changing Gender Identification & Name on Passport (INFO)

Name Change for Court in California (FORM)

Transgender Law Center (LINK to helpful forms found here)



Forms for current clients:

Release of information (this allows Amie to talk to someone on your behalf)

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