How To Find Happiness Again: How To Relax

When was the last time you felt completely relaxed? Most people prioritize their jobs and their other responsibilities in front of their happiness. Relaxation and happiness doesn’t have to cost money. I admit, that money can make it easier to go on vacation or take time off of work, but it is also possible to get the happiness you once had without spending a penny. A few ideas on how to find happiness again:
First: stop and look at the sky, and take some deep breaths every once in a while.
Second: take at least one day a week where you do not talk about, think about, or do things related to work. If you are a stay at home parent, this can present some obstacles. Even if you can take an hour after your kids go to sleep or before they wake up, make it YOUR TIME.
THIRD: Do something you enjoy. Think back at hobbies that have made you the most relaxed (reading, walking on the beach, taking the dog for a walk (are some free ideas). Try to incorporate those activities back in your life, or start a new pattern for yourself (if you have never done these things).
FOURTH: Before bed each night, think of at least one positive thing that happened to you (the fact that you are alive, you made it through one more day, the fact that you are reading this blog to try to make a change, etc).
FIFTH: Talk to someone. Avoid isolating, which tends to make unhappy people become unhappy.

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