Newtown Tragedy. How Do I Talk To My Kids About Sandy Hook Elementary

I feel deeply saddened by the events that occurred last week at Sandy Hook Elementary. As a therapist, people are asking me how to help their child who may have seen a news story or heard from a friend at school about what happened. Below is a link which provides a guide on how to answer those very difficult questions. It is of course, each individual parents decision what/if they tell their children.  It is up to you if you want to tell your kids about the Newtown tragedy or if you want to wait to see if they bring it up.   You can always consult with a therapist or have your child talk to a therapist if this tragedy is bringing up personal issues (perhaps a trauma in their own lives).  Remember that even if your child did not attend the school, that often times watching the graphic scenes on the television make them scared about the possibility that this could happen at their own school.  There are many similarities between them and the children who were involved (they may be the same age, they also go to a school they thought was safe, etc).
How to help a child who has questions about the Newtown tragedy
**Sandy Hook Elementary school is requesting snowflakes that they can put up at their new school to show the children that the entire United States feels their pain and is behind them. Your child can send those snowflakes to the Sandy Hook PTA.  This may also help your child who might feel better about trying to help the children they saw on television.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to call or email me.

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