Self-Esteem Problems? A Path To Self-Discovery…

Whatever you believe religiously (or if you don’t believe anything at all), most people can agree that we are all unique as individuals in our own way and have a purpose in life. All of us are like a puzzle piece on this thing called earth. All of us are unique with a unique purpose. Just because other people don’t understand our purpose doesn’t mean that we aren’t just as important in making that big puzzle whole/complete. Think about how you feel when you do a huge puzzle and then find a piece is missing. It doesn’t matter if it’s the piece with the beautiful artwork on in or if it’s the plain background, it really takes away from the WOW you feel when you finish a big puzzle. Every piece is important, just like every person is important. When you shape yourself differently to make people happy, then you no longer fit into the big puzzle and no longer feel important. We all matter. A worker bee is equally just as important as the queen bee because without each other, all would die. Therapy at my office is about finding out exactly what YOUR puzzle piece looks like, feels like and embracing you for your unique qualities. Because you do matter. You are important on earth or else you wouldn’t physically be here.

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