How to Be Happy And How To Lower My Stress Level. Tips From a Therapist in Long Beach

Often, being happy is about perspective, a state of mind. However, there are times in life where things are just really hectic and all that you can do is hang on and wait for the stress to go away.
During that time, the way you “stay happy” or just try to reduce your stress as much as possible is SELF CARE.
1. Try to find time to breathe. Even if you are working 15 hour days, most people have 30 seconds during the day to just close their eyes and take a few deep breaths. Can’t find time…this may not seem so appealing, but when you are going to the bathroom, stay in there for 30-60 extra seconds and close your eyes and visualize something peaceful or something you are looking forward to (like a vacation).
2. Make your drive home YOUR TIME. Turn on the radio and sing along. Listen to a book on tape, take deep breaths and remember the things in your life you are grateful for.
3. Do something relaxing (take a bath, light some candles, meditate, roll your feet on a golf ball, and/or listen to your favorite song).
4. Call a friend you have been meaning to call. You don’t even have to tell them you are stressed. Sometimes just listening to their voice can be calming.


If you  have difficulty with any of these things and want some help on developing personalized coping skills that will work for you, please give me a call to ask me a question or to set up an appointment. Many of my clients are looking for therapy in Long Beach, Lakewood or the surrounding areas, but I do offer skype sessions if you are not close to Long Beach.

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